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The International Association of young artists (IYAA) is a non-profit international cultural art organization. Through the development of young children charity art competition international influence, art exhibitions and art auction activities effectively promote cultural understanding, also created new contributions and new value. We are together with you children's art together the development and prosperity of the world and make unremitting efforts to.

we warmly welcome every concern and is committed to the development of children's culture and art of a person of noble aspirations to join the association, also welcome each one under the age of 14 young artists to join and become a member of the IYAA. Ready to work together to promote international cultural and artistic exchanges, enhance mutual trust and understanding, to create more cultural and artistic value in common progress.

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IYAA Global art category growth

IYAA Global development status


IYAA Painting category than last year growth rate


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IYAA contest

Global Philanthropy

Global Philanthropy

The world's only charity International Children's children's painting competition. Each participant who does not need additional donations can be sent to charity through IYAA charity, to help people in need

Realized value

Realized value

The world's only international auction through the realization of the children's children's paintings of the economic value of the international competition. The award-winning works through expert recommendations to the international auction to obtain the double value of honor and revenue

Global funding program

Global funding program

For children living in poverty or have a disability to give practical help to the artist, can be funded in kind or in kind, but also to help them complete their studies


Why participate in IYAA activities

Fair and open

Fair and open

IYAA fully respects each artist, has nothing to do with age, has nothing to do with fame, and has nothing to do with qualifications, we are open to the face of artistic value.

Art list

Art list

IYAA provides a platform for the presentation and development of each of the young children's artists through the joint art media, and through the publication or exhibition to expand exchanges, enhance understanding and communication.

Lasting influence

Lasting influence

IYAA continues to retain and release all entries on the official website for the purpose of reference and browsing, for each participant to release and maintain a permanent home page.


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