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How to join IYAA

You must know what to apply for joining IYAA

Process for applying for IYAA

IYAA application process

The process for applying to the International Young Artists Association is as follows:

1. Read the association's introduction and articles of association carefully to understand the terms, rights and obligations of the membership. When applying, it means that you have fully understood and accepted all the contents and terms of the association's constitution;

2. Download "member registration form", and carefully fill in (computer input or handwriting entry can be, handwriting must be neat), paste photos, signature or seal;

3. Print and scan the completed application form into the picture file and send it to the association email:

4. The association acknowledges receipt of the application and will pass 10-15 days of review. Please be patient;

5. After your application is approved, you must pay the $85 a year "membership fee" in 10 days. (please scan the left side of the two-dimensional code payment, WeChat and Alipay, not just limited to Chinese), and please note text, including the applicant's name and contact information, so that accurate inspection.We also welcome your donation in this way, thank you.

6. To confirm the success of "pay membership fees" membership can be obtained (stamp seal and seal) membership certificate;

7. Enjoy the rights and interests of the members and undertake the obligations of the members.

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