“International Youth children’s charity painting arts contest” officially started


International Youth children’s charity painting arts contest

Features and advantages of the competition

International Youth Artist Class Honours
One of the global charity children’s art competition
The world’s only recommend and help children’s paintings auction art competition
“Global painting and calligraphy figure”, its only recommended international art competition
Entries will be selected for “International Youth Artist paintings”
Entries will have the opportunity to participate in “The international young artists global art exhibition”
Each participant and tutor receives a personal online exhibition of International Art.
Tutors can also be given the title of “International young children artists supervisor”
Organizations participating in the competition will also receive the title of “International young artists training institution”

IYAA Contest introduction


International Youth children’s charity painting arts contest,It is a high standard international children’s art competition sponsored by IYAA International Young Artists Association,Abbreviation IYCCPC.

This competition is “Global calligraphy and painting character Chronicles” (daozixizhi.com), which is only recommended for children’s international events.It has been supported and recognized by numerous authoritative media.The competition adheres to the principle of fairness, impartiality and openness. All children aged from 4 to 18 are welcome to participate in the competition.Entries require a certain amount of work review fee,10% of them will donate to the corresponding charity organizations,For example: China Youth Development Foundation, the United Nations Children’s fund, the China foundation for poverty alleviation, etc., all donations will be publicized transparent, and detailed accounts can be checked.Competition is also One of the global charity children’s art competition.We hope to encourage the children to foster a sense of charity and public welfare, to encourage children to do meaningful things, and to leave good memories, these will be a very valuable experience in life.

The following need to be reminded to note that IYAA International Youth children’s charity art contest (IYCCPC) is the only global recommendation and assist children’s calligraphy and painting works of art auction competition, beware of other organizations counterfeit fraud.

IYAA Contest Awards

Each of the 20000 contestants is designated as a team of players – each team produces the following Awards (which will take into account age)

International Young Artists Honorary Award
There are 99 international young artists honorary awards:awarded young artists honorary certificates and gold medals; and awarded the international young artists title; recommended to the “Global calligraphy and painting character Chronicles.”

First prize in competition
There are 999 first prize in the competition: first prize, honorary certificate and gold medal.

Two prize for competition works
There are 2999 second places in the competition: the runner up certificate of honor and the silver medal.

Third place in the race
The competition has 5999 third place: a certificate of honor issued by third place.

Outstanding works Award
There are several awards for the outstanding works of the competition: the number of people is not limited, and the honorary certificate of “outstanding works Award” will be awarded.

Grand Prize for artistic achievement
Grand Prize for artistic achievement:Where the cumulative participating three above, and winning a total of three times, but when the condition is satisfied, the next session of the registration registry indicated on the application of “art contest achievement award. Awarded art achievement award honorary certificate, and awarded the” International Youth Artist “title.

Best tutor Award
Best tutor Award:Where the cumulative (not limited to this contest) coached 15 award-winning contestants (not including outstanding works Award) tutor, awarded the “best instructor Award”, and awarded the “international young artists mentor” title.

Group honours Award
Group honours Award:Any team of 99 or more participants who have participated in the competition (not limited to this competition) shall issue the honorary prize of the contest group, and shall be awarded the title of “international young artists training institution”.

Sign up for the competition

Registration requirements and instructions

participants:children aged 4-18 years of age (nationality and region are not limited).

Entries for the competition:Theme style is not limited, the form is not limited, the specifications are not limited, the content of health, attention to new ideas, attention to creativity, not allowed to involve political elements.

Entry way:Entries should be kept with the original signature (no need for delivery). Please make a clear electronic picture version (.Jpg format) by camera remake or device scanning,The title of the document must indicate the date, name, and name of the artwork. The format is “date – name – work name.Jpg”,Then download the “registration form” and complete it on the computer (please do not write it),Together with the entries and contestants electronic manuscript image (body electronic version) with electronic mail delivery to the IYAA contest organizing committee (iyaa@iyaa.top), please check the email address is correct.

material deadline:November 11, 2017 (December 25th for review period)
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