2019 International Childrenundefineds Art Competition brand new upgrade! More feedback activities!

“IYCCPC”New upgrade!
The new competition system for the “Childrenundefineds Art Competition” has brought about a cross-epoch change! 2019 “IJYA” has started!



INTERNATIONAL JOINT COMPETITION OF YOUNG ARTISTS(2019)(The abbreviated form of a name“IJYA”),Is sponsored by IYAA, the INTERNATIONAL YOUNGSTERS ARTIST ASSOCIATION, a higher-level international childrenundefineds art competition. The former of the contest is IYAA “International Childrenundefineds Charitable painting Competition”, held once a year, is the first choice for first-class art organizations to participate in the event, has now formed a very high impact in the professional field! “International Young Artist Art works Collection” “International Youth Artist Global Art Exhibition” ” REACHING International Art and Culture (Hong Kong) A limited company, etc….丨More support units

This competition is the only international competition recommended by Daozi Xizhi, the worldundefineds leading calligrapher in calligraphy and painting. It is the first (and currently the only) “childrenundefineds art league” competition system in the world. By many authoritative media support and recognition. The members of the expert jury of the contest are recommended by “DaoziXizhi.com” and “Contemporary calligraphers” painting evaluation practitioners follow international (USPAP) standards. And the joint authoritative expert group has developed the own intellectual property rights the brand-new appraisal standard (newest standard number: IYAA-IJYA-2018-3). Under the principle of “fair, fair and open”, all children aged 4 to 16 are welcome to participate in the contest. Excellent contestants have the chance to get the global exhibition and the work to be auctioned. IYAA keeps an eye on the global childrenundefineds public welfare, and collects a comprehensive registration fee, excluding all the expenses of the whole process of the competition (including exhibitions, auctions, etc.), The surplus proceeds will be returned to public organizations or public undertakings, including the China Youth Development Fund, the United Nations Childrenundefineds Fund, the China Poverty Alleviation Fund, and so on.

Note: IJYA is the only (international) art competition in the world to recommend and assist in the auction of childrenundefineds calligraphy and painting art works, beware of counterfeiting by other organizations. For more information about the IYAA Association, click:“more”。


World first Competition system

According to the registration requirements, the contestants submit their works, and the expert judges give a “professional score” according to the comprehensive level of the works. Participants with a professional score of more than 60 points will be recommended and published to the “famous calligraphers.”《Teenage artists》column;All users who visit the website have the right to vote as “popular judges”. Each user can only click once and the cumulative number of likes is “popular rating”. Professional score and public rating constitute the final comprehensive score, see the main criteria of this league.

The league is divided into four seasons, the last day of each season is the “comprehensive scoring day” (the earlier the registration, the longer the popular vote period);A comprehensive score accumulated prior to the “score Statistics Day”, that is, the final result of each contestant, the ranking of which determines the honor award grade, and thus determines the list of “exhibitors” and “auctioneers”.Awards are awarded four times a year, including the Open, Championship and Masters. Note: only once a season can be registered. For example: sign up on January 5 and re-enroll only after April 1 of season 2.


Requirements and instructions for entry


Children aged 4-16 years (nationality and region are not limited).

Entry requirements:

A maximum of 4 works can be submitted for each application. Subject style, genre, form, size, content, rethinking, creativity, but not military, religious and political elements are not allowed.

Mode of entry:

Send us the remade pictures and personal photos, together with the application form, by email, and pay the registration fee, that is to say, the registration will be completed.


Please do not sign your name on the painting. Each contestant may sign up for the same competition several times. The works that have participated in other similar competitions can also sign up for this competition under the premise of having their own copyright.

Registration and deadline:

January 5, 2019-December 31, 2019 (please refer to the “2019 season schedule”)


Specific methods and instructions for entry

1. Please remake or scan the original work into a picture document, the title of the document must indicate the name of the entrant and the name of the work, the original version of the entry is not required to be delivered;

2. Click download“”(note: you need to unzip the compressed package file in zip format) and fill in the Registration Registry. Please fill in the “Group Registration form” for group registration. Entries can also be filled in by the individual registration form and all documents into the same compressed package send registration.

3. Complete on the computer (please do not write), together with the entries of the electronic copy and the image of the contestant (half of the electronic version) (note: please select the “face” in the middle of the picture photos,Click View!),Put it in the same compressed file package and email it to the IYAA Organizing Committeeundefineds email (top@iyaalive.com). Please check to see if the email address is correct. You can also register with Online registration submit the compressed package file.”

After successful registration, you will receive confirmation mail from the customer service. After the evaluation, you will be notified by email of the “professional score” results. Please keep an eye on the “voting platform” public voting situation. At the end of the season, you will receive the final comprehensive score notification email and the award.

For enquiries, please contact Customer service.

Copyright protection

Copyright and authorship of all entries are owned by the author. Any participant will mean that you have agreed to license the publication and distribution rights of the work to “IYAA” and “Daozixizhi.com”. Please keep the original works carefully. Do not mount them. If you participate in the auction and exhibition, you must provide the original copy one week before you take part in the auction and exhibition.

The 2nd Anniversary of “better with you” is now under way!

Previous award-winning contestants who received the “promotion invitation letter” and collected a like vote, you can be free to upgrade to-“International League of Young artists” certificate of honor! There are more opportunities to get “exhibitors” and “auctions”!

Validity of feedback activities: 5 January 2019-29 March 2019


Thank you for your joint efforts and support.

Thank you to everyone who signed up!

Thanks to those parents who are willing to save a meal and choose to make the right investment for their children!

Thank you for participating in this competition of experts objective, in-depth and meticulous evaluation!

Thank you to everyone who worked hard for the contest!

Thank you for the support of the co-organizers and the media!

Thank everyone for their efforts to create value for childrenundefineds works of art!

After all, not everyone has a chance to tap into their potential and be happy.