Auction of childrenundefineds art works in the spring of IYAA in 2018

The International Association of Young artists (IYAA) concluded its spring auctions in Hong Kong on Sunday, April 8, 2018, and on Sunday, June 24, 2008. The auction is for the 2017 IYAA International Childrenundefineds Charitable Art Competition. A total of 248 childrenundefineds paintings from around the world participated in the auction, a total of 179 works sold, the total transaction volume of 876500 yuan, the average unit price close to 5000 yuan, the highest unit price of 167000 yuan, outstanding results. The highest bidder is a 15-year-old young artist from Guizhou Province, China, surnamed Shao. (to protect privacy, please forgive me for not giving my name here).

The countries and regions most involved in the auction were mainland China and Hong Kong, followed by Japan, Spain, Italy, France and the United States. Among them, a 13-year-old male contestant from Hong Kong, China, won the highest single auction price at a single auction on April 8, 2008, for 115000 yuan.

It is also worth mentioning that a child surnamed Liu from Shanghai, China, donated 8000 yuan of auction proceeds to charity in the name of his personal family. We would like to express our respect and thanks here.

(note: please send back to IYAAA as soon as possible a copy of the tax payment voucher, thanks.)